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An Archive of Previous Hot News 
Title Date Posted
Minnesota Out Front on Addressing Nitrogen Problems 1.19.18
Imagine Chemistry 2018 is open 1.17.18
4 Steps to Building a Business Case for Efficiency (Hint: Avoid the 'Poor Performer' Tag) 1.10.18
Trending: Local Solutions Could Hold the Key to Reducing Global Food Waste 1.9.18
Want to Lower Health Care Costs? Stop Wasting Our Money 1.9.18
Aquapod water treatment studied for water conservation at power plants 1.8.18
Will China's crackdown on 'foreign garbage' force wealthy countries to recycle more of their own waste? 12.13.17
When and how to use the term 'zero waste' -- and when to avoid it 12.12.17
Will people eat relish made from 'waste' ingredients? Study finds they may even prefer it 12.12.17
A Look at Sonoma County, Calif.'s Plan to Fight Food Waste 11.30.17
A First Among States, California Plugs the 'Carbon Loophole' 11.30.17
With prodding, retailers push chemical policies 11.29.17
Soon we won't be able to ship our recycling to China -- and that's a problem 11.27.17
Clarins, L'Oreal & Others Launch Initiative to Improve Beauty Supply Chain 11.17.17
Meeting Materials Available for EPA's December 6th Public Meeting on New Chemicals 11.13.17
Michigan Pushes To Have Nation's Toughest Lead Water Rules 11.13.17
Is it time to retune our mindsets? 11.6.17
McCormick's recipe for packaging that's more sustainable 11.2.17
A business prescription for reducing toxic chemical use 10.18.17
What LEED Did for Buildings, Sustainable SITES Will Do for Landscapes -- and Not a Moment Too Soon 10.11.17
Creative Distillers Tackle Food Waste, Redefining 'Getting Trashed' 10.4.17
Industrial Companies, Municipalities 'De-risk' Existing Water Supplies w/Wastewater Reuse Plans 9.14.17
Antidepressants found in fish brains in Great Lakes region 9.7.17
Potato waste processing may be the road to enhanced food waste conversion 8.22.17
2017 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Awards Open for Nominations 8.15.17
Many states have adopted policies to encourage energy efficiency 8.3.17
How a union bottle line worker revolutionized recycling for MillerCoors breweries 7.26.17
House panel approves $300 million for Great Lakes 7.19.17
Researchers working with sports venues to make them 'greener,' sustainable 7.10.17
Are Fish Consumption Advisories for the Great Lakes Adequately Protective against Chemical Mixtures? 7.6.17
Study: Measures of food waste are 'overstated' and potentially consequential 6.23.17
Why chemists -- not just economists -- are key to a circular future 6.23.17
3 trends shaping the future of sustainable retail 6.19.17
Initial Release of the 2016 Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Data 6.1.17
EPA Rule Amendment -- Compliance Date Extension for Formaldehyde Final Rule 5.23.17
Green Chemistry in 2017: The State of the States 5.17.17
Ikea's solution to peak stuff? Invest in plastics recycling plant 5.16.17
Nike and H&M try reused threads on for size 5.12.17
Treating wastewater wastes energy, but it doesn't have to 5.10.17
Walmart's plan to lift a gigaton of carbon from its supply chain 4.20.17
Why B Corporations are at a crossroads 4.19.17
Nike, Circular Economy Firm Miniwiz Develop Sustainable Packaging from Trash 3.28.17
ACEEE Accepting Applications for Scholarship to Attend 2017 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry 3.21.17
NASA's Green Thumb for Green Aviation 3.21.17
How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps 3.21.17
GE Turns Recycled Water into Wine (or rather Winery Process Water) 3.7.17
Is Your Company Prepared for the New TSCA Chemical Reporting Rule? 3.7.17
Sustainable Innovation: What's Good for the World Can Be Good for Business 3.2.17
How many chemicals are in use today? 3.2.17
Groups fighting repeal of safety regs for industrial plants 2.28.17
Corporate Procurement Officers Say Sustainability Now Key Criteria For Purchases 2.24.17
GM, Steelcase see a web of opportunity in the circular economy 2.21.17
Nanomaterials Guidance Under REACH Review 2.16.17
Is your sustainable supply chain program really as good as you think? 2.2.17
MN: Discounts available to switch out solvent-based parts washers 2.2.17
Report Recommends New Framework for Estimating the Social Cost of Carbon 1.31.17
Federal Register notice: Trichloroethylene (TCE); Regulation of Use in Vapor Degreasing under TSCA 1.11.17
Energy Department Launches New Manufacturing USA Institute Focused on Recycling and Reusing Materials 1.10.17
France bans pesticides in public green spaces 1.10.17
Here's why 2017 will be the year of the circular economy revolution 1.6.17
Minneapolis' citizen-centric approach to climate action 1.3.17
EPA Moves to Ban Certain Aerosol Degreasers and Dry Cleaning Spot Removers as the First Major Regulatory Action Under Chemical Reform Law 12.8.16
What can small farms learn from 'the Toyota Way?' 12.6.16
EPA Names First Chemicals for Review Under New TSCA Legislation 11.29.16
Understand pollution, environmental impacts from food in 6 charts 11.18.16
14 Charts from the EPA's Latest MSW Estimates 11.16.16
Air pollution export map reveals where to target clean-up 11.16.16
Carbon is not the enemy 11.15.16
A world without waste: the rise of urban mining 10.25.16
Major Food Companies to Tackle Water Risks In Their Global Supply Chains 10.25.16
EPA Bans Mercury Compounds Under Reformed Toxic Substances Control Act 9.2.16
How Cities Are Tackling Their Enormous Food Waste Problem 8.31.16
Safer Choice Now in Spanish 8.30.16
Rethink how chemical hazards are tested 8.29.16
Forget Going for the Gold; We're Going for Green! How U.S. E.P.A. Programs Accelerate Innovation in the Chemical Enterprise 8.29.16
Why Environmental Managers, Investors Love Circular Economy Technologies 8.26.16
Sustainable Procurement Standard Coming Soon 8.22.16
Business lobby slams EPA for unfunded mandates 8.17.16
Thriving, not just surviving: why business needs to go beyond doing less bad 8.9.16
Skokie introduces first environmental sustainability plan 8.9.16
New Waste Tracking Feature Helps Building Managers Save Money and Support a Healthy Environment 8.8.16
Six ways businesses view climate change 8.8.16
America's real-time electricity use mapped 8.4.16
The Difference Between Zero Waste to Landfill and Zero Waste 7.12.16
Virgin Atlantic just used behavioral science to 'nudge' its pilots into using less fuel. It worked. 6.23.16
The vicious cycle that makes people afraid to talk about climate change 5.13.16
The $100 billion business case for safer chemistry 5.6.16
Researchers Aim to Put Carbon Dioxide Back to Work 5.3.16
World Bank: The way climate change is really going to hurt us is through water 5.3.16
Eyeing sustainability, Chicago hires first resilience officer 5.2.16
Democrats -- And Republicans -- Are Growing More Worried Over Climate Change 4.28.16
EPA Administrator McCarthy Announces 2016 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Awards 4.28.16
Banned PCBs still haunt Great Lakes 4.27.16
Getting Smart About Waste 4.27.16
Mushrooms, whales and hurricanes: how bio-inspiration boosts energy efficiency 4.25.16
How Sustainable Practices at Three U.S. Universities are Reducing Waste 4.25.16
How Corporate America Can Support the Paris Climate Deal 4.25.16
Corporate Sustainability Should Be Core Business Strategy, Requires Paths Unique to Individual Businesses 4.25.16
The Psychology of Climate Change Inaction 4.19.16
Why sustainability reporting is a key tool for savvy managers 4.5.16
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