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What is PNEAC?

Printech Etiquette Guidelines

The following is a list of Do's and Don'ts which will make the list run smoothly.

  • Do not ask your e-mail program to confirm receipt or reading of messages sent to the listserv address.
    This could cause looping of messages between you and the Listserv, spinning off lots of messages to everyone's computers and frustrating fellow users.
  • Do not use automatic e-mail reply programs while you are absent and subscribed to the list.
    These automatic reply programs send an email reply message for each one they receive, including their copy of the reply sent to the list, creating a loop. If you want to use one of these automatic reply programs, please contact the list manager, Stacey Binder (, to be unsubscribed from the list during your absence and resubscribed upon your return.
  • Keep questions and comments focused on the listserv's purposes.
    If the question deals with technical aspects of compliance or waste/emission reduction, this is the place. Direct other questions to more appropriate forums.
  • Do not send personal responses to the listserv.
    If your response is of a personal nature or only valuable to one person on the list, (e.g. "Please send me a copy of the report you mention"), address it to that person rather than the posting address. This will reduce clutter on the list. If you would not like to see it in your mailbox, don't send it to others.
  • Do not include personal comments.
    Personal discussions, especially those containing observations or opinions that could be embarrassing or damaging to others (e.g. opinions about companies or individuals) should not be posted to the list. Remember that messages posted to the lists are sent to all subscribers; once sent, you have no control over who sees your message.
  • Do not use printech for commercial purposes.
    Users of the listserver are looking for answers to questions, not commercials. Products and companies may be mentioned to the extent such information addresses questions that are posed, but promotional announcements are not welcome.
  • Please verify that you have addressed your reply correctly.
    If you want your reply to be read by ALL members of the list, send it to the posting address: If you only want your reply to be read by the author of the previous message, send it to the address on the "From:" line of that message. Look at the "To:" line of your reply before sending it and make sure it contains the intended address.
  • Please use descriptive subject lines.
    Messages will be archived and connected by subject lines. When others browse their daily email or the archives, they should be able to gather a synopsis of your message from its subject line. Messages with relevant subjects will receive more responses.
  • Please use a signature which includes methods of contacting you.
    Many private replies to every listserv can be avoided in this manner.
  • Please be judicious in the amount you quote.
    Quote only the portion of the original message necessary to connect your response to the thread. Remember that everyone else probably read the original message too.
  • Give and receive.
    Don't hesitate to ask questions, but also be sure to contribute whenever you have information that can help another listserv member.
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