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Fact Sheet & Case Study Index:

Flexographic Printing

(23 Fact Sheets)

Some of these Fact Sheets (PDF files) require the Acrobat Reader from Adobe.
(For quick guides to essential Pollution Prevention information also see:
P2 Flexography Topic Hub and P2 Lithography Topic Hub)
Subcategory Title Category Source
Anilox Rollers A Clean Look at Anilox Cleaning Systems Technology PNEAC
Anilox Cleaning Systems: Preserving Roll Life PDF Waste Flexo Magazine
Cleaning Anilox Rollers Air PNEAC
Aqueous Waste Management of Aqueous Waste From Water-based Flexographic Printing Processes Waste PNEAC
Blanket & Roller Cleaners Substitute Blanket Washes: Making Them Work PDF Air US EPA DfE
Environmental Management Neenah Printing Environmental Management System PDF Compliance Management PNEAC
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Use of Plastic Blast Media to Clean Press Parts Air Flexo Magazine
Ink Reduction Anagram Saves Over $68,600 through Waste Reduction Environmental Management MNTAP
Reducing Ink and Solvent Use in Enclosed Flexographic Inking Systems PDF Waste PNEAC
Water and Ink Waste Reduction at F.C. Meyer Company Pollution Prevention Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance
Inks Aprendiendo de tres compañías que redujeron las emisiones de VOC (en Espa�ol) PDF Air US EPA DfE
Focusing on Flexo Inks PDF Air US EPA DfE
Learning from Three Companies that Reduced VOC Emissions PDF Air US EPA DfE
Reducción de VOC en la Flexografía (en Espa�ol) PDF Air US EPA DfE
Reducing VOCs in Flexography PDF Air US EPA DfE
Replacement of Hazardous Material in Wide Web Flexographic Printing Process Air US EPA DfE
Water-based Inks for Flexographic Printing Air PNEAC
Plates Administración y Manejo Ecológico de Fotopolímeros para Flexo (en Espa�ol) PDF Air PNEAC
Environmental Management of Photopolymer Flexographic Printing Plates Air PNEAC
UV Curing UV Curing: Health and Safety PDF Air Flexo Magazine
Waste Reduction Reducing Film Scrap saves Hood Flexible Packaging $50,000 Pollution Prevention MNTAP
Toxics Use Reduction Case Study: Water and Ink Waste Reduction at F.C. Meyer Company Water Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance
Water-based Adhesives Water-based Adhesives: Solventless Lamination Reduces Flexible Packaging VOCs PDF Air Flexo Magazine


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