PNEAC Fact Sheet
Environmental Publications for Printers
By Gary Jones, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF)

The ability to put programs into place to both achieve compliance with environmental regulations as well as reduce pollution is dependent upon having easily understood and accurate information. EPA has invested a considerable amount of time and effort to provide reports, guides, and other information to the regulated community. The publications identified in the attached list are those that should be of interest to printers.

While abstracts of the contents are not provided, the title, publication number and contacts for ordering the publication are identified. There is not cost for any of the identified publications. If the links provided do not connect you to the specific publication, then you can access it by searching these sites:

Title Publication Number Publication Date Publication Contact
EPA Guide to Environmental Issues 520-B-94-001 Sep-96 RCRA Hotline - 800/535-0202
EPA Federal Environmental Regulations Potentially Affecting The Commercial Printing Industry 744-B-94-001 Mar-94 PPIC -202/260-1023 or
EPA Profile Of The Printing Industry 310-R-95-014 Sep-95 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Printing Industry & Use Cluster Profile 744-R-94-003 Jun-94 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Terms of the Environment - Acronyms 175/B-97/001 5-Jun NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA The National Environmental Publication Information Site 212-F-98-001 Feb-98 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
Publications For Small Businesses 233-B-99-001 Jan-99 1/800-368-5888
Innovation at the Environmental Protection Agency-A Decade of Progress EPA100-R-00-020 Apr-00 or
(202) 564-4332
Ozone Depleting Substances
Chemicals in Your Community EPA550-K-99-001 Dec-99
or (202) 564-4332
Fact Sheet: Final Regulation to Accelerate the Phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances 6205J Dec-93
or (202) 564-4332
Stratospheric Ozone Protection EPA 430-F-93-057 Dec-93 or
(202) 564-4332
Update on HCFC Allowance Allocation System Regulations EPA430-F-93-057 Dec-93
hcfcallowallocat.html or (202) 564-4332
ISO 14000
EPA ISO 14000 Resource Directory 625/R-97/003 Oct-97 PPIC - 202/260-1023
EPA Environmental Management Systems: An Implementation Guide For Small And Medium-Sized Organizations 832-B-007 Nov-96 WRC - 202/260-7786
Air Pollution
What You Can Do To Reduce Air Pollution 450-K-92-002 Oct-92 PPIC - 202/260-1023
EPA Best Demonstrated Control Technology for Graphic Arts 450/3-91-008 Feb-91 CATC - 919/541-0800
EPA The Measurement Solution: Using a Temporary Total Enclosure for Capture Efficiency Testing 450/4-91-020a Aug-91 CATC - 919/541-0800
EPA Alternate VOC Control Technique Options For Small Rotogravure and Flexography Facilities 600/R-92-201 Oct-92 CATC - 919/541-0800
EPA The Clean Act Amendments of 1990 A Guide for Small Businesses 450-K-92-001 Sep-92 NCEPI - 800/490-9198 or 513/489-8190
EPA The Plain English Guide To The Clean Air Act 400-K-93-001 Apr-93 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems for Non-Criteria Pollutants 625/R-97/001 Aug-97 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
Environmental Management System (EMS)
Environmental Management System for Printers: It's A Bottom Line Benefit (video) 744/V-99/001 Jan-99 PPIC - 202-260-1023
Innovations in Environmental Management: Helping Companies Cut Costs and Improve Performance EPA100-R-00-19 Mar-00
or (202) 564-4332
Partners for the Environment - Boosting Your Bottom Line EPA100-R-00-19 Jan-00
or (202) 260-6135
Hazardous and Solid Waste
Understanding the Hazardous Waste Rules: A Handbook for Small Businesses 530-K-95-001 1996
RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346 or 703/412-9810,
or sqg/handbook
or (202) 564-4332
RCRA: Reducing Risk From Waste 530-K-97-004 Sep-97 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346 or 703/412-9810
Identifying Your Waste: The Starting Point 530-F-97-029 Sep-97 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346 or 703/412-9810
EPA Managing Used Oil: Advice for Small Businesses 530-F-96-004 Nov-97 RCRA Hotline - 800/535-0202
EPA Implementation of the Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act 530-K-97-009 Nov-97 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346
Design For The Environment
Screen Printing Project: Publications List 744-F-96-021 Mar-97 PPIC - 202/260-1023
or (202) 564-4332
Reducing VOC's in Flexography 744-F-96-013 Mar-97 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Vegetable Ester Blanket Washes 744-F-96-014 Oct-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Workplace Practices Make the Difference 744-F-96-008 Sep-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Substitute Blanket Washes: Making Them Work 744-F-96-002 Aug-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Pollution Prevention at Custom Print 744-F-96-001 Aug-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Managing Solvents & Wipes 744-K-93-001 Oct-95 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Learning From Three Companies That Reduced VOC Emissions 744-F-96-016 Jun-97 PPIC - 202/260-1023
EPA Solutions For Lithographic Printers An Evaluation of Substitute Blanket Washes 744-F-96-009 Sep-97 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Design for the Environment Flexograph Project: Focusing on Flexo Inks 744/F-95/006 Feb-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Flexography Project Case Study # 1: Reducing VOC's in Flexography 744/F-96/013 Mar-97 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Flexography Project Case Study #2: Learning from Three Companies that Reduce VOC Emissions 744/F-96/016 Jun-97 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Inside Flexo: A Cleaner Run for the Money 744/V-98/001 Jun-98 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Lithography Case Study # 1: Managing Solvents and Wipes 744/K-93/001 Oct-95 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Lithography Project Bulletin #4: A Worksheet to Help You Choose a Better Wash 744/F-96/015 Oct-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment: Lithographic Blanket Washes 744/R-97/006 Oct-97 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Reducing the Use of Reclamation Chemicals in Screen Printing 744/F-93/015 Oct-95 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Technology Alternatives for Screen Reclamation 742/F-93/008 Jul-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Smarter, Safer, Screen Reclamation: Alternative System 742/F-95/009 Jul-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Work Practice Alternatives for Screen Reclamation 742/F-95/010 Jul-96 PPIC - 202/260-1023
Pollution Prevention
EPA Guides to Pollution Prevention: The Commercial Printing Industry 625/7-90/008 Aug-90 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Business Guide For Reducing Solid Waste 530-K-92-004 Nov-93 RCRA Hotline - 800/535-0202
EPA Waste Minimization Opportunity Assessment Manual 625/7-88/003 Jul-88 PPIC - 202/260-1023
EPA Facility Pollution Prevention Guide 600/R-92/088 May-92 PPIC - 202/260-1023
EPA Pollution Prevention Directory 742-B-94-005 Sep-94 PPIC - 202/260-1023
EPA Pollution Prevention possibilities for Small & Medium-Sized Industries EPA/600/R-95/070 May-95 CERI Publications Unit, US EPA 513/569-7582 or NTIS 703/487-4650
EPA Pollution Prevention Case Studies Compendium EPA/600/R-92/046 Apr-92 CERI Publications Unit, US EPA513/569-7582 or
NTIS 703/487-4650
Emergency Planning & Community Right-To-Know
EPA Title III 313 Release Reporting Guidance 560/4-88-004b Jan-88 RCRA Hotline - 800/535-0202
EPA Section 313 of the Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (Questions & Answers) 745-B-97-008 Nov-97 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Toxics Release Inventory: List+A18 of Toxic Chemicals Within the Glycol Ethers Category 745-R-95-006 May-95 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Common Synonyms: For Chemicals Listed Under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning & Community Right- To-Know Act 745-R-95-008 Mar-95 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Form R & Instructions 745-K-94-001 May-97 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Title III List of Lists: Consolidated List of Chemicals Subject To The (EPCRA) and Section 112(r) of The Clean Act As Amended 550-B-96-015 Dec-96 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Estimating Releases and Waste Treatment Efficiencies For The Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Form 560/4-88-002 Dec-87 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA Common Synonyms; For Chemicals Listed Under Section 313 of the EPCRA 745-R-95-008 Mar-95 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
EPA The Risk Management Program Guidance For Implementing Agencies 550-B-98-002 Mar-98 NCEPI - 800/490-9198
Underground Storage Tanks
EPA Musts For USTS: A Summary of Federal Regulations For Underground Storage Tank Systems 510-K-95-002 Jul-95 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346
EPA Straight Talk On Tanks: Leak Detection Methods For Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks and Piping 510-K-95-003 Jul-95 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346
EPA Dollars And Sense: Financial Responsibility Requirements For Underground Storage Tanks 510-K-95-004 Jul-95 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346
EPA Don't Wait Until 1998: Spill, Overfill, And Corrosion Protection For Underground Storage Tanks 510-B-94-002 Apr-94 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346
EPA Introduction To Statistical Inventory Reconciliation: For Underground Storage Tanks 510-B-95-009 Sep-95 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346
EPA Guide to EPA Materials on Underground Storage Tanks 510-B-94-007 Sep-95 RCRA Hotline - 800/424-9346
EPA Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Accomplishments Report 300-R-98-003 Jul-98 NCEPI - 800/490-9198 Fax # 513/489-8695 or
EPA Compliance Assistance Tools 305-K-98-003 Jul-98 NCEPI - 800/490-9198 Fax # 513/489-8695
Multimedia Compliance/Pollution Prevention Assessment Guidance for Lithographic Printing Facilities Assessment Guidance for Lithographic Printing Facilities R23-R11012-01-TR-00694 Jun-96 or
EPA Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure (SPCC) Regulation EPA 540-K-98-003 Jul-98 NCEPI - 800/490-9198 Region V - 312/886-5905


Primary Author

Gary Jones
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation

Other PNEAC Contacts

Debra Jacobson
University of Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

Wayne Pferdehirt
Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center

Written: August 9, 2000
Updated: June 13, 2011

Note: Reasonable effort has been made to review and verify information in this document. Neither PNEAC and it's partners, nor the technical reviewers and their agencies, assume responsibility for completeness and accuracy of the information, or it's interpretation. The reader is responsible for making the appropriate decisions with respect to their operation, specific materials employed, work practices, equipment and regulatory obligations. It is imperative to verify current applicable regulatory requirements with state and/or local regulatory agencies.

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