Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide

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Lesson 3: No Exposure Certification provisions

This lesson will help you determine if you qualify for a "no exposure exclusion" under the stormwater regulations and how to fill out the federal certification form. NPDES authorized states have their own provisions, and will either accept the federal form or have developed their own. A link to the state resources is provided in the adjacent box.

The information in this lesson should help you complete state forms if you are in an authorized state since most state forms are similar to the federal forms. To determine which stormwater regulations apply to your facility, see Lesson 1.

Stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity as described in Lesson 1 must obtain a stormwater permit to discharge to nearby waters or storm sewers, unless the facility can qualify for and obtain a "no exposure exclusion". If you cannot meet the criteria for a no exposure exclusion, you must obtain a stormwater permit. Instructions on how to obtain a stormwater permit are covered in lesson 2.

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