Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide

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Drums/Container Storage: Stormwater Compliance Photo Comparison

Compliant Condition

Compliant Drums/Container Storage
Drums stored in covered structure
This is an example of drums inside a structure intended to protect them from being exposed to any stormwater.

Non-Compliant Condition

Non-Compliant Drums/Container Storage
New totes and drums, as well as "EMPTY" totes and drums, stored outside, that on closer inspection contain residues that can contaminate stormwater
In this case the containers are closed, however stormwater can come in contact with residues on the outside of the opened totes and drums and then contaminate the water. These totes and drums should be stored under a covered structure or inside a building. Alternatively, a stormwater containment system, such as a berm or stormwater collection basin, could also provide the needed protection to manage the stormwater that does come in contact with the containers. The stormwater could be collected and then properly handled by on- or off-site treatment.

Photo courtesy of Tetra Tech, Inc.