Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide

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Scrap/Waste Material Storage: Stormwater Compliance Photo Comparison

Compliant Condition

Compliant Material Storage
Bales stored inside and properly maintained.
This is an example of material that has been properly secured in bales and is stored within a building so that it does not come in contact with stormwater. The bales are also stored in such a way to avoid damage that could cause them to break apart.

Compliant Material Storage
Bales of Corrugated stored in semi trailer
This another example of how baled material is properly secured in bales and protected from stormwater exposure by storing it in a semi-trailer.

Non-Compliant Condition

Corrugated spilled on parking lot (a.k.a. storage yard)

Material strewn about can contaminate the stormwater and restrict the flow of stormwater to the sewer systems or to unpaved surfaces for absorption. This can lead to localized flooding as well as debris other contaminants entering the stormwater. The material should be secured in bales or containers and stored with container covers or under a structure, such as a canopy or within a building, that prevents it from coming in contact with stormwater.

Non-Compliant Material Storage