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Parking Lots: Stormwater Compliance Photo Comparison

Compliant Condition

These are examples of a paved surface free of contaminants or spills.

Compliant Parking Lot

Compliant Parking Lot

Non-Compliant Condition

Parking Lot Coated With Grease

Surface contamination on paved surfaces can be carried into lakes and streams through stormwater contacting these surfaces. Automotive fluids and chemical spills, even small releases, should be prevented or cleaned up to prevent surface contamination. Vehicle maintenance should be performed inside a building or under a covered structure.

Note - Although asphalt contains petroleum products, it also contains polymers that seal the aggregate and the surface of the pavement. Motor oil and other petroleum based fluids sit on the surface of the pavement. Therefore these spills and releases should be thoroughly cleaned up to prevent them from contaminating stormwater.

Non-Compliant Parking Lot

Photo courtesy of Tetra Tech, Inc.