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What is PNEAC?

High Performance Flexo:  Printing with a Cleaner, Greener Image 2000 Videoconference

The High Performance Flexo Videoconference covers a wide range of topics , including environmental compliance, techniques to improve environmental quality of operations, and identifying valuable contacts and resources for future information needs and technical assistance.

This PNEAC/FTA Videoconference has been archived courtesy of the Greenworks Channel.  Click on the links below to see the entire live web cast from April 27, 2000 or to see selected portions.  RealPlayer is required to view the web cast online.

View videoconference via online streaming

Entire Web Cast

Program Portions

Doreen Monteleone:  Environmental Issues: Land Mines or Leverage for Improvements

This overview explores the key environmental management issues that flexographic printers should be aware of and how these concerns can create either liabilities or opportunities to improve overall business performance.

Ink Management Inside Flexo Video

This session concentrates on how important ink selection and management are when it comes to successfully reducing air emissions and hazardous wastes at flexo printing facilities.  Footage will feature excerpts from Inside Flexo: A Cleaner Run for the Money, produced by US EPA DfE  Program.

Case Study: Highland Supply Company

This real world case study gives viewers a realistic view of the challenges a flexographic printer faced when converting to water-based inks.

Wayne Pferdehirt:  Solvents, Wipes, and Towels: Issues and Choices

The selection and management of solvents along with the choice and management of shop towels or wipes is an important environmental concern.  This session looks at the key issues every flexo printer should consider in order to make an informed decision.

Case Study: Anagram International

See how Anagram, Inc, a flexographic printer of Mylar balloons, improved the management of its solvent based inks and clean-up solvents, drastically reducing emissions and hazardous wastes, while at the same time saving money.

Jim O'Leary: Update on Management of Used Shop Towels and Wipes

Jim discusses US EPA's efforts to develop national guidelines on the management of used shop towels and wipes and how they are likely to affect your day-to-day operations.

Dan Owenby: Solvent and Aqueous Plate Processing

Topics covered in this discussion include the role of solvents in plate making, the use of solvents, and the disposal of solvents. 

Brad Taylor: Digitally-Imaged Plates

This session explores digital plate structure, imaging, processing, and the reasons why a printer should consider converting to digitally imaged plates.

Case Study: OEC Graphics, Oshkosh, WI

A progressive flexo platemaker is developing digitally imaged plates for day-to-day operations.  See how he has helped flexo printers improve quality and performance while reducing photochemical and film wastes.

Course Notebook

Free PDF version of the notebook. This file is 8.5MB and 169 pages.

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