Virtual Flexo Plant

Binding & Finishing


Once the image has been dried on the substrate, the substrate is often further manipulated in the binding and finishing department before the finished product is ready. Included in this area are activities including folding, cutting, binding, and foil stamping. After finishing, the job is ready for shipment to the customer.

In web printing, the web goes into the folder after drying and chilling. The web can be folded multiple times, with at least one fold lengthwise and one widthwise being a common scenario. The folded web is then cut to the appropriate length. These cut, folded sections are called signatures.


Binding is a finishing step that consists of joining the assembled pages of a printing piece together. Binding includes adhesive binding, saddle stitching, mechanical binding, smythe sewing and loose-leaf binding.

Delivery section of a web-fed press with inline cutting.
In-line die cutting and rewind section of a press.
Folder-gluer machine.