Virtual Flexo Plant



This department is typically responsible for acquiring all the raw materials required to product a print job. This may include procuring all inks, substrate (paper, etc.), plate supplies, etc.

Best Management Practices & Pollution Prevention

Although it can sometimes be less expensive to order in bulk, there are times when ordering materials on an as-needed basis can save money, especially for those materials that have a short shelf life. Try purchasing the smallest amount of product to do the job. Some suppliers can ship overnight, depending on their proximity to the print facility.

Do not stockpile materials that may end up as unusable because of expired shelf life or potential damage due to damage during storage. The cost of waste disposal for unused chemicals and materials may be higher than the savings of buying materials in bulk quantity.

Small printers especially, should order ink and solvent in smaller containers according to use. Large printers could order commonly used materials in large containers (i.e., totes), which are returnable to the supplier, thereby eliminating or reducing the need to clean them, the volume of waste containers, and the expense to store the materials in the printing facility.

For access to vendors who may supply alternative materials and equipment, see the PNEAC Vendor Directory.