Virtual Flexo Plant

Pollution Controls

In order to comply with local, state and federal air emission regulations while maintaining production, emissions of VOCs, HAPs, and particulates sometimes need to be controlled to meet the limits set by the regulations and the facility's operating permit with a emission pollution control device. This equipment mechanically destroys the pollutants, typically through combustion, before they enter the atmosphere. Pollution control equipment may also be used to treat water and solvent wastes. This type of equipment is typically referred to biofiltration devices to treat water and solvent recover or solvent distillation devices to recover water or solvent. This equipment may also aid in the reuse and recycling of these materials.


Distillation Unit


Pressroom floor sweep
Pressroom floor sweep fire safety device collects airborne dust and VOCs and directs them to the atmosphere or to the pollution control device.
Baghouse filtration system on cyclone baler controls dust emissions.
Roof-top emission
Roof-top emission control/treatment system.